Support LEEC during the ExtraGive!

Lancaster’s Biggest Day of Giving is November 17!

This year during ExtraGive, remember Lancaster Early Education Center to Make a Lasting Difference!

ExtraGive, Lancaster’s Biggest Day of Giving is November 17, 2023, and you have so many amazing organizations to choose from when you donate. By choosing to donate to Lancaster Early Education Center, you make to possible to provide exceptional early childhood education and care for families in downtown Lancaster and offer Pre-K counts for FREE to families that qualify!

Through your donations, YOU impact families for generations – LEEC has a history of over 100 years and continues to provide exceptional early education and care that sets up children for successful futures of learning and socialization and at the same time provides a space for parents to entrust their kids while they earn a living to provide for their families. This is game-changing!

Your donation means a parent can continue to work to provide for their family while their children get an education that sets them up for a lifetime of better success in learning and growth.

Your Donation Means A Better Today and Future!

When you give to LEEC on November 17, trust that you’re making Lancaster a better place by helping families and children to thrive – and thriving families with cared-for, well-educated children mean better futures for them and their communities. What a lasting impact you can make through a donation this ExtraGive when you choose LEEC!

Donate to LEEC on November 17 During the ExtraGive

Ready to make a difference by providing quality education and care and the ability for parents to continue to work and provide for their families? Donate by clicking below!

Lancaster Early Education Center formerly Lancaster Day Care Center Quality early care & education since 1915.
Lancaster Early Education Center formerly Lancaster Day Care Center Quality early care & education since 1915. in Downtown Lancaster, PA


Early Education Center

Making it possible for working parents to afford exceptional early education in Lancaster, PA.
Affordable education & care since 1915.

Our Programs

Offering Lancaster, PA families high-quality education and care & making it accessible to all through Pre-K Counts. We have programs for infants, toddlers & preschool-age children.




Lancaster Early Education Center is a non-profit charitable organization committed to providing affordable, high-quality early care and education to children from working families.

Every parent deserves to be able to afford exceptional education & care for their children.

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If you're in need of free pre-k for your children & you work full-time, you may be eligible for Pre-K counts which offers free Pre-kindergarten care to eligible working parents. To learn more about & register for Pre-K counts:

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