Now Offering FREE Speech Therapy

Communication Skills are Key for Child Development

Communication skills are critical in shaping a child’s development – impacting their intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Many children experience speech delays which can hinder their ability to learn and connect with the world and people around them. To address this, we are so excited to share that Lancaster Early Education Center has partnered with Pathways Therapy Solutions to provide speech therapy to all children enrolled in our program at NO COST! 

This collaboration is sure to empower our young children by giving them the gift of effective communication. With speech therapy now a part of LEEC’s program for all students, we are thrilled to know the children enrolled at LEEC will now have even greater opportunities to grow and thrive in their young development! This collaborative effort between LEEC and Pathways Therapy Solutions aims to create an inclusive environment, where every child is given the tools to thrive and succeed. 

This partnership will benefit families beyond the walls of our center as children take their new skills into their lives outside of our program. By eliminating financial barriers, families who previously couldn’t afford specialized speech therapy services can now access professional support that can help their children discover transformative changes in their communication abilities. 

One more way Lancaster Early Education Center is a step above the competition!

At LEEC, we have always prided ourselves on being the best early learning center in Lancaster – providing infant care, toddler programs, and preschool that parents deem the best Lancaster, PA has to offer. We’ve also been highly sensitive to providing accessible childhood programs and care for families that cannot afford it – which is why we offer Pre-K Counts and more. Now with this Partnership with Pathways Therapy Solutions, we are excited to further our excellence and the ability to ensure the overall well-being and development of every child enrolled! Here’s to every child having the ability to share their voice and be heard! 

LEEC is so excited to share Lancaster Early Education Center has partnered with Pathways Therapy Solutions to provide speech therapy to all children enrolled in our program at NO COST!
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If you're in need of free pre-k for your children & you work full-time, you may be eligible for Pre-K counts which offers free Pre-kindergarten care to eligible working parents. To learn more about & register for Pre-K counts:

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