Quality Child Care in Lancaster PA

Choosing care for your child is no small choice

Choosing to leave your precious child in the care of someone else is a choice we know parents do not take lightly. We also realize there are options for great child care in Lancaster, PA. That’s why we make it our priority to provide the best care for each child that enrolls at Lancaster Early Education Center.

For Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers, we provide safe, exceptional environments where each child receives quality, attentive care, age-appropriate learning & development tools, education to help them excel and prepare for school, and nourishing food throughout the day. At LEEC, we partner with parents to ensure the success of every child.


Age-Specific Quality Child Care – A Cut Above the Rest

We provide parents with care for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool-age Children in Lancaster, PA through 4 distinct programs.

Infant Program

Our Infant daycare program provides individualized care which is responsive to the specific developmental needs of each child. When you enroll your infant in LEEC, they are nurtured individually by staff that remains the same for their first 9 months whenever possible in an environment that fuels their development of cognitive and physical development. Our staff also helps each infant transition into their toddler rooms. Parents receive consistency, education & nourishing care for their infants enrolled at LEEC!

View the details of our Infant Program & their daily activities

Toddlers & Tweens Program

Along with individualized care and a safe environment, we nurture our toddlers’ sense of wonder and development of autonomy. Our daily routine and classroom environments for toddlers help them learn to be self-directed and learn to have confidence in their abilities. Educational elements are continually rotated to help quickly growing toddlers develop cognitively with the same speed they are ready to grow. Parents get not only quality care for their toddlers at LEEC, they get exceptional learning & development for their children – helping them excel in life outside of our care!

View the details of our Toddler & Tweens Program & their daily activities

Preschool Program

Our Preschool program builds on the same foundations of our Infant & Toddler Programs with individualized care & skills of confidence & self-reliance. We age-appropriately help our preschoolers learn to be quality citizens in their classrooms and have respect for themselves and their classmates and teachers. Our curriculum is stimulating, challenging & developmentally appropriate – helping each child grow from where they are and be more than ready for Kindergarten. Parents with children enrolled in our preschool program get the peace of mind of knowing their children are cared for and given the tools to be ready for school!

View the details of our Preschool Program & their daily activities

Pre-K Counts Program

Pre-K Counts is a Department of Education–funded classroom for children who meet the guidelines for income and language or are considered at-risk for school failure. We are honored to provide this classroom in downtown Lancaster – offering our quality education and care for preschool-aged children to parents who need it but couldn’t afford the quality of our care throughout the day. This classroom provides all of the same exceptional care as our Preschool Program.

Learn more about Pre-K Counts and how to know if your family may qualify.

Exceptional Staff Providing Your Child’s Care

It’s not just the programs and resources available to your child at child care and preschool that matter, it is the people that make an impact in the quality of your child’s care.

We hire the best people! You can learn about our leadership here and read about our qualifications as well as the “needs” we require for each staff member. We were voted #1 Best Places to Work in Lancaster County – and it’s no wonder to us why that is since all of our staff meets the incredible requirements needed to create a loving and caring environment for children each day.

Quality Child Care in Lancaster, PA Parents Feel Good About

It doesn’t just matter what we say, or that we’ve been providing care since 1915, it matters if actual parents recommend LEEC. When looking for child care for your child, we hope you research parent recommendations and choose a center parents themselves are excited to recommend. Take time to read through our testimonials to see what parents are saying about LEEC. 

We are excited to offer such excellent care for Lancaster, PA families with young children. If you have any questions about any of our programs and the quality of care your child will receive when they enroll at LEEC, reach out and one of our staff will get back to you. If you’re ready to enroll your child in our quality care, click below. We can’t wait to meet you and help your child excel each and every day!

PA Pre-K Counts at LEEC

PA Pre-K Counts at LEEC

PA Pre-K Counts at LEEC PA Pre-K Counts is an incredible opportunity for families in downtown Lancaster to enroll their Pre-K age children in a program that will set them up for learning success who otherwise may not be able to due to finances. When you enroll in our...

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Fun Working at Lancaster Early Education Center

Fun Working at Lancaster Early Education Center

We put a lot of effort toward making sure Lancaster Early Education Center is a great place to work for everyone on our staff. Having fun at work is part of making our work environment the great place that it is. And it is no secret that working at Lancaster Early...

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Creating Great Jobs in Lancaster, PA

Creating Great Jobs in Lancaster, PA

If you live in or around Lancaster city in Lancaster, PA and are looking for a place to work you love and look forward to each day... Lancaster Early Education Center may be exactly what you're looking for! We take pride in creating exceptional environments not only...

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Voted #1 Best Places to Work in 2021 Fun & Learning!

Voted #1 Best Places to Work in 2021 Fun & Learning!

Every year LNP conducts an anonymous survey to local businesses and organizations to see how they rank in quality to their employees as a place of work. The surveys consist of topics including diversity, culture, ethics, training, pay, benefits, and more their website...

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Now Enrolling for 2021-2022

Now Enrolling for 2021-2022

We are now open for registrations for the 2021-2022 school calendar! If you are looking for affordable, fun, educational, high-quality child care that goes beyond daycare, a safe and encouraging place for your child, and an educational environment that also prepares...

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Lancaster Early Education Center formerly Lancaster Day Care Center Quality early care & education since 1915. The best quality day care in Lancaster, PA!
Lancaster Early Education Center formerly Lancaster Day Care Center Quality early care & education since 1915. The best quality day care in Lancaster, PA!
Lancaster Early Education Center formerly Lancaster Day Care Center Quality early care & education since 1915. in Downtown Lancaster, PA


Early Education Center

Making it possible for working parents to afford exceptional early education in Lancaster, PA.
Affordable education & care since 1915.

Our Programs

Offering Lancaster, PA families high-quality education and care & making it accessible to all through Pre-K Counts. We have programs for infants, toddlers & preschool-age children.




Lancaster Early Education Center is a non-profit charitable organization committed to providing affordable, high-quality early care and education to children from low-income working families.

Every parent deserves to be able to afford exceptional education & care for their children.

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If you're in need of free pre-k for your children & you work full-time, you may be eligible for Pre-K counts which offers free Pre-kindergarten care to eligible working parents. To learn more about & register for Pre-K counts: https://lancasterearlyeducation.org/programs-offered/#pck

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